Kalyan Ram’s new film titled Amigos

Telugu Cinema News: With The movie Bimbisara, Kalyan Ram achieved his greatest success, and now working on another movie enlivened by his success. The upcoming movie is titled Amigos, a Spanish name that was decided for the Telugu movie, the title Amigos referred to Friends.  His movie marks Kalyan Ram’s 19th movie. The film is directed by newcomer director Rajender Reddy and is being produced by Mythri Movie Makers. The music is composed by Ghibran and the movie has reached to its last stage of production and is just going to complete soon.  Also Visit: 5 festive sarees & blouse…
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Samantha’s Thrilling Dog chase in Yashoda movie

Samantha To Fight Ferocious Dog Breed In Yashoda! Telugu Cinema News: The much-awaited movie Yashoda is going to release in the theatres on 11th November. The trailer has been released already and the makers hinted in the trailer that what we can expect from the film. Apart from the emotional and regular scenes, the movie will have some breath-taking action scenes which were done by Samantha itself without any help.  Samantha's Thrilling Dog chase in Yashoda movie In the trailer, one scene was dropped where Samantha is changed by the native breed Chippiparai which is based in Tamil Nadu. However,…
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Makers to File complaint again Vishwak sen?

Telugu Cinema News: One of the most promising and Controversial Young actor Vishwak sen is next working on an untitled film in the direction of Action King Arjun in which his daughter Aishwarya plays the female lead. Vishwan is no more interested in the film. Read more details here: Makers to File complaint again Vishwak sen?
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Mika Singh’s with 12 yr old Riva Arora’s video goes viral

Telugu Cinema News: Netizens had raised concerns that Riva Arora, who is believed to be 12-13 years of age, was wearing revealing outfits and will be seen romancing and doing otherwise intimate appearing scene with an actor, Karan Kundra, who is over double her age. She was also seen dancing on a song with 45-year-old Mika Singh, on a song which was full of sexual innuendos. Read More Details at: Mika Singh's with 12 yr old Riva Arora's video goes viral
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A jewellery shop owner in Chennai gifts cars, and bikes to staff for Diwali

Telugu Cinema News: This is the time of the biggest festival in the country, Diwali. All employees wait for their Diwali bonus and gifts from everywhere. But due to the pandemic, the company choose cost-cutting measures that affected the bonuses as well as their house holdings.  A jewellery shop owner in Chennai gifts cars, and bikes to staff for Diwali Here is one jewellery shop in Chennai, the owner of this shop in Tamil Nadu isn’t thought much when it comes to handing out gifts. The owner of Challani Jewellery, Jayanthi Lal spent 1.2 crores to gift bikes and cars…
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